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I'm a mother of four, a published author, and a lover of all things writing. On top of my degree in Secondary Education/English and two other writing courses from separate colleges, I've been helped in the same way I want to help you!

Nishoni L. Harvey


Nishoni Harvey has been writing since she was a little tyke. As a young teen, she used to write short stories, chapter by chapter, for her family to enjoy. They'd sit there and beg for the next chapter.


One time, when writing one of those short stories, she had gotten so engrossed in the world of “The Magical Tent” that she burned up the pan she was supposed to have been making tea in! Her parents, coming to look for their wayward daughter and missing tea, found the pan burnt up on the stove. They found her lost in her own little world, which was an all too normal occurrence. Reading the story later, they understood where her mind had been.


As she's grown older, her writing has only improved, as tends to happen with any talented author. She wants to take what she's learned and share it with you.


A hard worker, she's quick and efficient at what she does. The fact that she enjoys doing it so much makes all the difference in the world!


Other things she enjoys are reading, drawing, painting, and spending time with her children, husband, and pooch. Being married to the most wonderful assistant pastor in the world means she spends a lot of time at church, which she also enjoys.




B.S in Secondary Education/English, Graduate of The Institute of Children's Literature Course, Graduate of The Longridge Writers Group Course, Member of The Longridge Writer's Group, Published Author, Blogger, Ghostwriter, Editor, Proofreader

Nishoni is an engaging storyteller. She has a wonderful work ethic and is kind, yet direct, in her assessment of the written word. If ever you've wished to share your creativity, the door is now open. Step through and become the best author you can be.

Lisa Lewis

Nishoni Harvey is a creative whirlwind.  From her artwork to her story telling, she has the ability to capture the complexities of life and family with grace and nuance. Her dedication as a wife, mother is vividly communicated through her characters.   I am blessed to call her a friend and a colleague.   The next time you have an afternoon free, treat yourself to the vivid and colorful imaginings of Nishoni Harvey.”

Kristine Meier-Skiff



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Becoming a Humble Homemaker

Becoming a Humble Homemaker BLOG

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